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Number theory

2013/02 - 2013/03Collatz conjecture, Spending time with papers about the conjecture, Developing of my own proof ideas and writing [3]
Since 2009Prime numbers, Research on the distribution of primes, their influence on physics and questions of the (in)security of prime number based encryption algorithms.
  • Research on the (in)security of encryption algorithms including testing of different prime number based modifications and the influences of the results of my work [2]
  • The distribution of primes: In sections representation of prime numbers (see also my work [2]), Recursive dependencies
  • Influence of prime numbers on physics (nice overview of research at [1])
  • Research on known prime number conjectures: Goldbach's conjecture, Twin primes, Legendre's conjecture, Riemann hypothesis
  • Properties of the set of integer divisible numbers: Basis changings, Different subgroups, Representation ways (representation theoretical, elementary algebraic and geometrical)
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[3]About the proof of the Collatz conjecture, Carolin Zöbelein, arXiv: 1303.2073 [math.GM], (Date: v1 - 2013/03/08, v2 - 2013/03/12)
[2]The recursive structure of the distribution of primes, Carolin Zöbelein, arXiv: 1411.2824 [math.GM], (Date: v0.1 - 2014/10/31, v1 - 2014/11/07)
[1]Surprising connections between number theory and physics, Matthew R. Watkins, >>