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All papers are available at arXiv.

[PP-2] The recursive structure of the distribution of primes, Carolin Zöbelein, arXiv: 1411.2824 [math.GM], (Date: v0.1 - 2014/10/31, v1 - 2014/11/07), Comments: 13 pages, Status: Under revision for the sake of formality.
[PP-1] About the proof of the Collatz conjecture, Carolin Zöbelein, arXiv: 1303.2073 [math.GM], (Date: v1 - 2013/03/08, v2 - 2013/03/12), Comments: 14 pages, Proof incomplete, Status: Open.

Old Stuff

Old papers which were temporary published at my website (available on demand).

[OS-2] Goldbach's conjecture and twin primes - A brother and sister relationship, Carolin Zöbelein, Pdf on demand (Date: v0.1 - 2015/01/03), Comments: 4 pages, Status: Searching people for discussion.
[OS-1] Two relationships between primes caused by recursive structure, Carolin Zöbelein, Pdf on demand (Date: v0.1 - 2014/12/09, v0.2 - 2014/12/16), Comments: 5 pages, Status: Searching people for discussion.

Working Papers

Documents for daily working. It's more like a diary and NOT a research paper for official publication. So content is mainly headwords and ideas. It can be chronological by date and perhaps wrong.
All papers are available at GitHub.

[WP-2] Notes: Primes - Relation function for recursive prime number computation, Carolin Zöbelein, GitHub: wp-primes-relationfunction (old name: notes00001primes00001), (Date: v0.1 - 2015/10/11), Comments: 4 pages, Status: Closed.
[WP-1] Notes: Primes - Ending figures of primes and not primes, Carolin Zöbelein, GitHub: wp-primes-endingfigures (old name: notes00000primes00000), (Date: v0.1 - 2015/10/09), Comments: 2 pages, Twitter response, Status: Closed.